Saturday, May 31, 2008

Holly Crap!

The Kansas City Royals are on a twelve game losing streak. They started off against Boston some weeks ago just one game shy of 500 and now sit 21 for 34 (.382) and 9 & 1/2 games out of first. Wow, what will a couple of weeks of not winning do to a team? Look at the Royals and you will find out.

No one ever thought that going into this season the Royals were going to be good. But, no one ever thought that we would lose twelve games in a row either. I believe it was last season that the Royals lost 16 or 17 games in a row setting a franchise record.... well, we certainly flirting with that record this season.

The Royals sent Bill Butler to the minors yesterday to try and spark something for this young team. This is a single minded team with some of the players that cannot hit at all (look at Pena). Pena being the most troublesome of the bunch.... He apparently is not listening to the batting coach, or to Hilman. They give solid advice and it worked for a few games (i.e. he was getting hits), but then he went back to using a lighter bat, striking out, and not getting contact. Pitiful!

It is too early to tell whether the Royals will be able to come out of their slump. Right now it is difficult to watch their games. Lets Go Royals!

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