Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Things Out of our Control

As we progress through life and our every day tasks we come across many different things that we have absolutely no control over. A couple of items come to mind right now.

We are trying to sell our house. We think it is a hot item on the market and we had a lot of traffic from people when it first went on the market over a month ago. Now the traffic has dwindled to one or two people a week... if that! We have a limited ability to get people into look at our house, but ultimately it is up to advertising and word-of-mouth to get them in our house. To get a offer on our house that is a completely different story. So far the planets and stars have not lined up for us to get that offer on our house. Will it come eventually? Sure! Will it come soon.... we do not know nor do we have control over that fact.

The Kansas City Royals had a horrible season last year... one of the worst in MLB history. While they have not started off bad this year they did lose a game against New York yesterday afternoon that they should not have let slip away. Just as I pull for the Royals I also pull for Kansas basketball, Washburn sports and anything else that is relevant to a sport I follow or a event I am dedicated to. Do I have control over the outcome of the Royals or whether Kansas wins the National Championship? Of course not! No matter how I feel that wearing my "lucky" shirt or doing the same routine will help MY team advance to the ultimate goal of a title... You and I both know it does no good but make me feel good when they do succeed. Again, completely out of my control no matter how hard I cheer... no matter what I wear... or how distraught I am with the team... no changes.

The last item that while I feel I have control over I ultimately do not have control. That is major decisions at work. Purchases, leave time and other related items. These may be simply for employees that work for me or for ISS. I am certainly not in a vacuum and I do feel I should check with others before making decisions. It simply feels like making decisions at work requires many hoopes to jump through instead of simply making the decision. Instead of taking a day or two to make a decision it takes weeks or even months to make a decision. I am all for gathering the facts and basing the decision off of those facts... This can be frustrating not only for the person waiting on the decision, but also for me who has to relay the information to who ever asked for that process.

The joys of selling a house, cheering for a sporting team and being in a work environment. It can be a lot of fun for all areas and it can also be frustrating.

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