Sunday, January 22, 2023

Not a Fun Start to 2023 with Carrie Being in the Hospital from January 8 - 18… Out and Recovering with Daily IVs

I am providing the following summary of the past two weeks with permission from Carrie. 

Flowers Carrie Received in the Hospital
Flowers Received in Hospital
What a start to 2023 and not so good kind. After returning from Texas the first few days of January, Carrie was not feeling well. She had mild temperature every night, pain, and just not feeling great. The mild temperatures and discomfort continued through January 7. We talked about going to the emergency room (ER) on Saturday, January 7, but decided it might be something else that was causing the discomfort, so we gave it another day. I went to pick up some medication Sunday, January 8 that Carrie requested, but with no changes throughout the day, we decided to take her to the ER Sunday evening.

When we arrived at the ER, Carrie still had a fever and could not sit down in the chairs in the waiting room due to the pain. We went back to Stormont Vail Health hospital because she had surgery there back in the middle of December. Once they got us into a room and did some tests, the decision was made to check her into the hospital for the night. 

Carrie Showing Off Two IV’s While in Hospital
Carrie with Two IV’s
Carrie would remain in the hospital for a week and half. She was not released until Wednesday, January 18. Carrie had an infection which was caused from surgery back in December when she went in for an operation. She had a bad infection that can sometimes occur during an operation and caused her to be in the hospital for the first part of 2023. Carrie had an IV in her arm the entire time she was in the hospital. For a few days, she had an IV in each arm as she was receiving antibiotics that could not be mixed and had to be in separate arms.

This was the first time either of us had to be in the hospital overnight. I am so glad she is out and recovering. I know she was in the best place for help, but it was tough seeing her in there when the pain was intense. Following her being released on January 18, she is doing daily visits to get an IV each day through the first part of February. She is wearing a midline IV that she keeps on until the treatment is completed the first part of February.

Paw Squad Visiting Carrie in Hospital
Paw Patrol Dog Visiting Carrie
While she was in the hospital, she was on the fifth floor which is the pediatric floor. Stormont Vail Health was packed when we arrived on January 8, so the only room available was the pediatric floor. All of the nurses were great! So nice and took good care of Carrie. They have Paw Squad which comes around daily to see patients and since Carrie was on the fifth floor, she was able to see the dogs too that stopped on the floor. 

I am so happy she is home and feeling so much better. Carrie, I love you!

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