Sunday, August 14, 2022

Visiting New Wine and Cocktail Lounge Plus New Coffee Shops in Topeka and Future Ta Co Coming to Downtown Topeka

A new place by us opened back in July and we finally tried them Saturday night. The new place is called Salut Wine & Cocktail Lounge. We had a great time and the place was packed. We sat on the reservations side even though we did not have a reservation. Good to have connections with Erin. Salut went into the location where a baking shop (Josey Baking Co) was previously located, so it is a small space taking up two store fronts. One side has the bar and some seating and the other is the reservations side.

Salut has a good selection of wines and cocktails as well as items to eat. I had a cocktail that was not a typical Old Fashion, but it sure tasted like one. Salut is within walking distance from our house, so I could see Carrie and I walking there one weekend night to get a drink. We did ask and they are dog friendly, so we could take Oliver and enjoy a drink on their patio. Well, that’s if no other dogs are there or else Oliver would become territorial and try to protect us from the other dog.

Other new businesses have opened recently in Topeka which is fun. We have three new coffee places that have opened. Last weekend Carrie and I went to the Coffee Bar located across the street from Washburn University in the location where PT’s Coffee was formally located. We had breakfast and coffee and spent the morning reading. Similar set up to what PT’s was previously, although more options for breakfast. I had the biscuits and gravy which was some of the best I have had out. I believe the Coffee Bar recently opened within the past month or two, so they are having some learning to do as they lost our coffee order and had to enter it again. We were also disappointed that our cappuccino, and later drip coffee, were served in disposable cups. Next time we go there, I will make sure to ask for a real cup as that is part of the treat of going to a coffee shop. Overall, it was very good and I look forward to going back.

Another new coffee spot that opened recently is Circle Coffee. We have not been there yet, but it looks like a spot we will go soon. Circle Coffee went into the location where a laundromat had been for many years behind Dairy Queen on 17th Street. The place looks great from the outside and they have a nice patio that we have observed. Carrie noticed they have a garage door that can roll up for their patio which would be fun to visit as it gets cooler. 

Not a coffee place, but we were excited to read recently that Ta Co is coming to downtown Topeka. We went to Ta Co when it was located in Lawrence, but closed down in May. As reported by WIBW, the building at 735 S Kansas Ave will be demolished and then a new building constructed with Ta Co being on the top as a rooftop restaurant. Sounds so fun and we know Ta Co is a good spot, so happy to hear it is coming to downtown Topeka.

Fun to see new places opening in Topeka especially after the past few years were tough and some places closed. It is good for Topeka and I cannot wait to try out the new places. Enjoy and let me know what you think of the new places and your experience at the new places.

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