Sunday, July 17, 2022

Items to Eat to Help Keep Cool in High Temperatures… Just Tastes Good!

What can we do when it is so hot? Our lawn that I had over-seeded last year is slowly turning brown. I attempt to water, but I am not sure it is doing any good. On Friday when doing things in the afternoon, the temperature outside was 102 and I told Carrie heat index was reported as feeling as though it were 109. Yes, one of those days when I walked outside and immediately start sweating. Letting Oliver outside and he immediately starts panting. It is hard to get away from the heat when it is that hot and humid.

We have managed to have some beautiful days the past few weeks even though it is so hot. A few days last week it was in the 80s during the day and dropped down to upper 70s in the evenings. Oliver, Carrie, and I spent a lot of time outside last weekend as it was so nice outside. Hard to not be outside when it is that nice! Enjoy those days when they happen because a day or two later and it is back up in the upper 90s.

I have to admit that when it is hot it really brings back memories for me of being a kid in the summer. I was outside all the time as a kid and I remember the heat. Although I would also be visiting the pool or lake to help cool down which is not something we are doing these days.

Carrie and I have enjoyed visiting Tad’s Shaved Ice in Topeka off of Huntoon. We went there twice last week and it was really good. Carrie also likes Pineapple Dream off of 29th Street. I prefer Tad’s over Pineapple Dream, but they are both good. I like all the options and variety I get with Tad’s. Both places are usually packed when we go in an evening as people are trying to find good places to cool off in the evening. 

While we are finding cool treats to have during the week to cool us down, our yard is starting to go dormant. I enjoy mowing the yard and attempting to take care of our lawn, but the yard is barely growing at this point. Last week when I mowed, I could barely see where I had mowed and where I was going in the front yard as the grass was not as long. The back yard, where we did not over seed a year ago, continues to grown like crazy. A few spots that are just weeds, but the grass in the back is growing much faster than the grass in the front to the point where mowing last Sunday I had to slow down in spots so as not to clog up the mower. I will focus on the back yard this fall to get rid of the weeds and try to get more grass growing in the back. I will probably have to do a bit of that in the front too, but hopefully not as much as I did a year ago.

In case you were wondering, this next week will start off low 90s and then gradually climb to upper 90s and low 100s by the end of the week. Be sure to get out there and get your Tad’s Snow Cones or your Pineapple Dream to help keep yourself cool.

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