Sunday, January 23, 2022

Thinking of Warmer Weather and Camping… Lots and Lots of Camping

Is it bad that I am already thinking of camping. I cannot wait to go camping. Thinking about where we are going to camp, what we will do while we are there, or what trails we will walk. We are still a few months out from camping weather here in Kansas. It is hard to believe that just a year ago Carrie and I started camping. We set up our tent for the first time back in April (see Tent Set up with Happy Dog and Happy Tent Owners) and then we did our first camping trip on May 16 (see Camping at Eisenhower State Park) where we actually went twice last season to the same exact spot both times. We loved the camp site and the area.

When we had nice weather not too many days ago, I would go outside with Oliver and talk about how we could go camping. Well, until evening came and the temp dropped and there was not way we could be camping. Last year, Carrie and I went to three different camp sites last year. We are hoping to expand on the new sites this year. Another couple of months and we will begin plotting out our stops. We do plan on taking one trip to a camp site outside of Kansas although that is up in the air currently on whether that one will happen.

I am looking forward to relaxing by our camp site, reading or playing games, and enjoying the scenery of the lake we are near. Looking forward to spending time with Carrie and Oliver while we relax and not worry about what is happening elsewhere. We might even find a spot where cell service does not work and we are suddenly disconnected from the world. It is fun to look back at all of our adventures from last year (see Camping) to see our adventures. Carrie cooked some amazing meals while we were camping and we had great times with great memories while we were camping. I cannot wait to get out and start new memories this year.

What are your favorite camp sites? Where is a spot you have visited more than once? Do you have any recommendations for places to visit either in or out of Kansas?

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