Sunday, January 16, 2022

My Book Reading Experience Has Peaks and Valleys… Right Now on a Peak! I am Enjoying Reading for Fun! #books #reading

A few times a year, I find myself reading for fun. I would not call myself an avid reader, but I do enjoy reading. Of course I spend every day reading a lot of email, information, etc., for work, but sitting down to read is not something I do regularly or at least most years. The past few weeks, I have found myself reading in the evening, weekends, and often times as I go to sleep. I have started reading when riding the bike on my regular workouts which is a nice change and helps to make the time pass as I ride. 

My book reading is typically read for a few weeks, finish a book, and then I stop reading for a period of time. As 2021 ended, I started a series which I have found I really enjoy. There are seven books in the series and I have read four of them so far. I set my GoodReads profile goal this year to read 20 books. I am at 2 of 20 so far to start 2022.

The series I stumbled across is the Rachel Hatch series by L.T. Ryan. Easy reading and they keep my interest. I am taking a little break from them currently and reading another book but I plan to go back to the Rachel Hatch series once I am done with The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towels. I recently joined a book reading club which I have never done before. This one is through Washburn University and you can join it too by visiting The book being reviewed at this time is A Gentleman in Moscow. I am currently on a waiting list from the library to get the book. Estimated to be 16 weeks, so I am hoping to get the book in time to review before the first part of March. 

So, I am interested to participate in the book reading club and to discuss books with others from the Washburn community. If you are not a member of GoodReads, I would encourage you to do so. A popular site to track books you are reading, want to read, or connect with others with similar interests. I have been a member of GoodReads since 2013. If you check my profile at GoodReads, you will see if I have not read that many books in the nine years since I joined (78 read books). 

This year, I am hoping to change my GoodReads stats for reading and meet my goal of 20 books for the year if not surpass the goal I set of 20 books. As I mentioned earlier, I read a lot throughout the week as most of us do relying on email for our work. I read a lot of documents, I stay updated on news by reading the local paper (online of course), and I read a lot in my job to stay current on technology. 

I forget how much I enjoy reading until I become entrenched in a story. When I get a good book that takes me to where ever the story is happening, I can make the movie in my head and I find I dream of the story of the book too at night when I am sleeping. The story becomes so real, that I cannot wait to get back to the book to see what is happening and what will happen next. In the past, I have read books that later go on to be movies (i.e. The Woman in the Window, The Girl on the Train, The Client, etc.) where I think what I had in my mind is better than what was depicted on the big screen. Still, it is fun to read the books and then see how the director plays out the story.

A few books, I have had problems finishing. Carrie will recommend them to me and I will start, but they are difficult to read or do not keep my interest. I will start them, read a few chapters, and then stop reading. Sometimes I will start a book and read it over the course of a few months between either not reading at all or reading other books and going back to pick up where I left off to read more of the book. It is fun to find a good book, or series, that keeps my interest and helps me to go back to reading to find out what will happen next. 

We will see where I am at in another five to six months to see where I am at in my reading challenge of 20 books for the year, but I am hoping to be to about ten by that time… if not more. More on this later this year as I continue by reading journey.

What are your favorite books? Do you have any series that you enjoy that you would share? You can see my GoodReads Profile to see what I have read, or those I want to read, and make suggestions, I am open to checking out new titles.

Happy reading…

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