Monday, September 06, 2021

Happy Labor Day

American Flag on Labor Day

Labor Day is a day for us as a nation to acknowledge the hard work of Americans who have contributed to our country and our future with continued prosperity. The determined and unwavering work ethic rooted in our country since its birth continues to be interlaced within every one of us. 

While Labor Day is a day to celebrate the working people of  the United States, the day also serves as the end of summer for many. Pools close, school is in full effect, and the temperatures begin to get cooler across the nation. We see the transition from baseball to football with the end of baseball season approaching quickly. Our lawns begin to change as they head to the dormant months of no lawn mowing.

Yet, we still have a lot that will happen in the remaining four months of 2021. I trust you can enjoy your Labor Day weekend celebrating with family and friends. Possibly taking in a movie or enjoying a glass of wine on a pleasant day and remembering why we have Labor Day as a celebration.

Have a happy and safe Labor Day!

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