Sunday, September 26, 2021

Celebration of Nineteen Years in Lawrence, KS at Free State Brewing and 715 Mass on September 21

Carrie and I at 715 on the Patio Enjoying Dinner
Carrie and I had a wonderful 19 wedding anniversary on September 21. We went to Lawrence to spend the evening where we had drinks at Free State Brewing and then dinner at 715. We had a beautiful evening to enjoy our evening of celebration of nineteen years. 

When we were at Free State Brewing at the bar enjoying some drinks, we spoke to a man at the counter enjoying a drink and waiting on his food for a while. We had a nice visit with him as he was in from Chicago visiting his daughter who had graduated from KU and then had just had a baby. The man was taking a break from baby duty to enjoy a cold drink and pick up their dinner. He said since his daughter went to KU he had been going to Lawrence for many years and he always enjoyed his visits to Lawrence, KS. We shared that we used to live in Lawrence and I was born and raised in Lawrence. We shared how we would go to Free State Brewing regularly when we lived there and how much we enjoy their Cyclists which is a nice and refreshing beer with lemonade. 

Following drinks at Free State Brewing we went to our reservations at 715 Restaurant. We had reservations at 7:30 and sitting on the patio. Actually, it is their parking spaces that were converted to seating. They did a very nice job with it as there is plexiglass, plants, walls, etc., and it did not feel like we were sitting next to the street. We could barely hear the cars going by right next to us. Sure, every once in a while we would hear a car horn, but no different from being in a business and hearing the horns. It was an enjoyable evening and wonderful way to spend our anniversary.

Drinks at 715
Drinks at 715 Mass

Appetizers to Start
Apps at 715 Mass

Dish Carrie Enjoyed which was Salmon
Dinner for Carrie

My Dinner on our Anniversary
Dinner for John

Pictures from our evening at 715 Restaurant. It was truly amazing. We had not eaten at 715 Restaurant in a few years, so it was good to be back and enjoy a delicious treat on Mass in Lawrence, KS. If you have not been to 715 Restaurant, I highly recommend you stop by to check them out. Check them out for a drink, for an appetizer, dinner, or even dessert. Ah, we did have dessert but no pictures of it as it disappeared too quickly.

Beers at Free State Brewing Before Dinner

Here is to nineteen years of marriage to my best friend. To end, drinks we had at Free State Brewing and a toast to Carrie as we look forward to our twentieth year of marriage and many more years to come. 

Where are your favorites places to eat, or drink, in Lawrence, KS? When you visit from out of town is there a place you have to visit each time you are in town? I would love to hear your favorites so we can share stories and maybe find a place I have not been or have not been in a number of years.

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