Sunday, May 30, 2021

New Firedisc Grill Purchased, Tested, and Ready for Camping or Tailgating

Firedisc Testing in our Backyard Cooking Breakfast
Carrie and I bought a new purchase for our camping trips and we can also use it for tailgating. We are excited to use the new product. We did seasoning to prepare the equipment and did our first grill with it Thursday night. The new product is called Firedisc. It retails for $499 although if you get it from Ace Hardware, it is $349. We went with the tall version (36").

Just like a cast iron skillet, it takes a few times to season the grill. So, Thursday night, we did a process three times to get the grill hot, put in cooking oil, rub it into the grill, and then let it cool down removing excess oil from the grill. The grill got a nice char going and will only get more prominent as we use the Firedisc.

For our first grill, we did pork chops. It was somewhat trial and error and they turned out alright. We plan to use the grill for cooking breakfast (eggs, bacon, etc.) when we are camping. Probably also do steaks or chicken in the grill too. The best thing is that not only is it perfect for camping, but I am excited to be able to use it for Washburn football tailgates. Doing burgers and hotdogs on this thing will be easy and easy clean up.

We heard about the Firedic through a video blog (vlog) Carrie told me about and I have been hooked on ever since. The name of the vlog is DOME LIFE. They come out with new videos every Thursday. I went through and watched all of their videos and happened to be watching one when they interviewed another camper using the Firedisc. I immediately thought it looked cool, sent it to Carrie, she reviewed customer evaluations, and we bought it a few days later. DOME LIFE has certainly sparked the camping interest in Carrie and I while also sharing tips and hints on camping. I think the Firedisc will be a great addition to our camping experience.

I expect to be posting future updates about our new Firedisc. How it works camping and how it works in the fall when we return to tailgating.

Until next time, have a great rest of the day!

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