Sunday, April 18, 2021

Vaccine Second Shot Done April 8 and No Issues #MyTime #Vaccine

Image from Our First Shot -- We Are Vaccinated
Carrie and I both got in on Thursday, April 8 for our second shot. It went well and no side effects at all. Following the first shot (see Vaccine One is Done and Second Shot is Scheduled), we had minor side effects which included sore arm or shoulder. Following the second shot, the only thing I noticed was slight tenderness at the point where I received the shot. No soreness in my arm or shoulder following the second shot. Really, I could not tell that I had anything done other than feeling good that I have both shots and vaccinated toward the COVID virus.

Ready to get out into the world and get back to some normallacy. Now, for the rest of the population to get their vaccine. 

Following our second shot, we went on to celebrate a birthday weekend in KC...


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