Sunday, April 25, 2021

Email Subscription from Going Away in June -- Other Options to Connect

Email subscription to my blog will be ending in June. I have removed the email subscription from the site as the service is being abandoned. You will need to visit the site (i.e. or watch on the various social media sites mentioned below where I post updates.

I do have the site post to Twitter, FaceBook Group, and LinkedIn. LinkedIn probably generates the majority of the traffic to my site and interactions. The FaceBook Group site was something I tried as it was not possible to auto post from my site directly to my FaceBook profile. The FaceBook Group gets very little visitors as it is separate from my profile and I have really not publicized the group on FaceBook.

If I come across another option to allow for email subscription for this site, I will post an update and share the process on how to do so. Feed Burner is through Google and will be expired which is the reason for this update.

My plan is to post at least once every Sunday throughout the year. Some Sunday's I post more, but at least once a week is my goal. I look forward to interacting with you and sharing what is happening, or I am thinking, on The Dog House.

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