Sunday, December 20, 2020

Saturday Night Live Continues to Struggle with SNL Opening Skit After Replacing Cast Member Playing Joe Biden #SNL #NBC #blog

SNL Replaces Joe Biden Actor

"Saturday Night Live" (SNL) replaced Jim Carrey with Alex Moffat to portray Joe Biden in the December 19, 2020 broadcast. I am not sure what is happening with SNL this year, but the opening scenes have not been great. Often not funny at all. I give the opening to season 46 episode 9 a chuckle and that is about it as I watched it last night. The half chuckle not being toward anything Alex Moffat did as Joe Biden, but instead what Beck Bennett acting as VP Mike Pence in the opening skit last night. But that was about it for laughs for the opening skit. SNL is struggling with the opening each week to their show.

Back in October, I posted comments regarding the opening skit at that time and it has not gotten any better. Is it the writers, the content they have to work with, or actors that are not pulling it off? It seems like it is the content as the material is available for comedy, but so far in season 46, SNL has not been able to able to tap into the comedy aspect of the opening to the series.

If there is anyway SNL can find a way to bring Melissa McCarthy back to be included in the opening skit, that would go a long way helping to improve how the show opens each week.

Who is your favorite cast member from season 46? What is your favorite opening skit of this season through 9 episodes? Who would you like to see included in the opening skit of a future episode?

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