Sunday, September 24, 2023

The Start of Fall is Here Along with Tailgating, Football, and Thinking Back to 12 Years Ago When We Brought Oliver Home

Wreath on Front Porch
Wreath on Front Porch

Saturday marked the start of fall for 2023. Carrie made a new wreath for our front porch combining some older wreathes we had and it turned out great! Perfect wreath for the fall season. Beautiful weather to start the season which I hope sticks around as it is beautiful. We got ready to head to the tailgate for Washburn football.

As we were getting the car loaded and ready to head to the tailgate, the weather was a cool 72 degrees. It felt amazing! We ran to the store to get some snacks for the game and it felt warmer outside of the store, but it really was not bad for the tailgate or once the game started.

Selfie at the Tailgate in Our Spot
Selfie at Our Spot
We were a little late getting out to our spot as there was a line at Circle Coffee that went out the door. Good problem to have for Circle Coffee. Carrie got some coffee and a scone for us to share.  Parked in our spot and started enjoying the day. A nice cool breeze was blowing which kept it nice through most of the game and there was some cloud cover too. It was really nice! Caught up with friends, found out our friends, Burgs, were family of the year and would be honored. Chatted with Jeremy and Julie for a bit and Julie slipped in that they were family of the year. Too funny!

Band and Cheerleaders Getting the Fans Motivated
Washburn Cheer Team

Tuba Players from Washburn Band
Tuba Players Doing Their Thing

Whole Band Marching Through Tailgate Area
Whole Band Going Through TailGate

The Washburn Team Enters the Stadium
Washburn Team Enters Stadium

A fun time pre-game and the weather remained nice throughout until about the fourth quarter. Then the sun came out and it got a little warm. Plus the breeze stopped and we were not playing well. We lost the game 58 - 28. We were in the game the first half, but fell apart in the second half.  That puts us at 1 - 3 on the season. A lot of work to do. The first half we relied almost entirely on the rushing game. Second half, because we had to change, we changed over to the passing game but it was too late. There was not recovering.

Matt and John Watching the Game
Matt and John Watching Washburn

Our friend, Matt, stopped by and watched the game with us. Always good to see Matt and this was his first game to attend of the season. Chatted a little about the rushing vs passing game. Always good to catch up with Matt during football games. He lives close to Washburn, so he left about the start of the fourth quarter when it was really out of hand and no way we were going to come back to win let alone make it close.

We are away next week when we play University of Nebraska at Kearney and then we are back home on October 7 against Missouri Western State University. I will miss the next home game as I will be out of town. I thought I had checked and I would not miss, but realized yesterday as we were driving home from the game that I would miss the next home game. Seems to happen every year, but oh well.

Following getting home from the long day of tailgating and football, I slept for a while and did not leave the house. It takes it out of me to tailgate and cheer on a team. Plus, I had to get ready for Sunday football, so it was a quiet evening for us.

Oliver Joined our Family 12 Years Ago Today
Oliver Joined our Family 9/24/2011
In non-football related news, 12 years ago to this day (September 24, 2011), we brought home a little fur ball that was full of energy and made us laugh. Twelves years later and Oliver is still making us laugh. I am so happy we made that trip to see dogs at the pet store. We came away with our bundle of joy that keeps us still laughing to this day.

I hope you have a great rest of your Sunday and a wonderful weekend. 

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