Sunday, March 05, 2023

Enjoyable Saturday Morning at Circle Coffee Co Eating Breakfast, Drinking Coffee, and Reading

Circle Coffee Co. In Topeka, KS
Prosciutto & Gouda Danish with Coffee
Carrie and I were able to visit a new coffee shop on Saturday and it was wonderful. In August 2022 I had posted that we had visited a new wine bar and new coffee place in Topeka (see post) and in the same update I had talked about the new place opening up on 17th Street near Washburn University and that we were hopefully going there soon. Well, it is now March 2023 and we finally made it to the “new place”.

Circle Coffee was completely packed when we arrived mid-morning on Saturday. The parking lot was full with no spots and people were parking in the street. Carrie wondered if there would be any space for us inside as we were walking up. We went to the counter to order two lattes and some breakfast. We found one table that had just opened up where we sat and spent the morning enjoying ourselves.

Circle Coffee has some good options for breakfast with pastries, rolls, etc. We both ordered chocolate croissants with our latte. Then we had prosciutto and gouda danishes after we sat and read for a while. It was good to have a lazy Saturday morning drinking coffee, eating, reading, and in a busy breakfast place in Topeka. 

It was a perfect morning hanging out with Carrie. I look forward to going to Circle Coffee again on another Saturday morning. Going to coffee shops reminds me of going to study back when I was doing my masters program when Carrie and I would go to hang out for hours at a coffee shop while I researched or wrote papers. Coffee shops rank up there with ending up at a brewery in the afternoon and having a wonderful time sipping beers, talking, or reading.

I highly recommend stopping by Circle Coffee to get breakfast and coffee. Very good!

Ahead of schedule on my reading for the year. My goal for the year is 25 books and yesterday while at the coffee shop, I finished my sixth book of the year. I am two books ahead of schedule, so I am feeling good with my progress and I think I will hit my goal for the year.

Until next time, have a wonderful week!

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