Sunday, August 22, 2021

New Sidewalk and Update on Other Repairs for Our Home

Walk Replaced from Drive to Front Door

We were finally able to have our front walk replaced. We had started the process back in February and because of various issues, we finally had the sidewalk replaced. This goes back to a post I made back in January 2021 regarding Repairs Needed, so it took a while, but we have done the window replacement and now the walk replacement.

For the walk, we went with Perez General Contractor. He did a great job for us and the delays were with weather as each time we had a target date set, it would pour down rain and delay us further. The new walk looks great! I have wanted to replace the walk ever since we moved in back in 2006 as it basically fell apart that first winter we were in the house.

Sidewalk from Street to Front Door
Next, I have a tree trimmer lined up to trim the two trees in the front and then possibly also take out a tree next to our drive that has been slowly dying the past few years. Once we have the two trees in the front trimmed up, I will hopefully be able to reach out to our lawn care company to discuss about overseeing and trying to get grass to grow again under the two front trees. Last attempt at this one as I have done overseeing in the past, but the 2019 into 2020 season was the worst and our front lawn turned into dirt under both large trees and up by the evergreen by the front door.

Future repairs include window replacement, work in our family room, and other odds and ends. It feels good to have at least two items that needed to be done now done and move on to the next steps.

Until next Sunday, have a great week!

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