Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Netflix Documentary: Minimalism -- and Other Thoughts

While waiting for a recall on a SRS bag for our Honda Accord, I decided to watch the Netflix show Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. I had read others friends posts about this documentary and decided to check it out. Interesting concept and something that Carrie and I have discussed in the past. Not sure we could ever go to the extreme that they do in this documentary, but certainly an interesting idea.

The idea being that we can be happier with less. We do not need all the things we have or large amounts of money in order to be happy. Instead, doing with less, focusing on real connections with family and friends, that's how we can be happy.

The idea seems daunting as I think about it and what these two guys in the documentary have done. They said at one point that it was not an easy process to begin throwing their personal items out and get down to only those items that they use.

This concept of minimalism makes me think of those YouTube channels I follow which gave up everything to sail around the world. It has been over a year and I am still following those same YouTube channels (see New Found Addition are YouTube Channels of Sailors). It is intriguing how those individuals gave up everything they own and got on a boat to sail the world. They keep only those things on the boat and in their possession for which they use regularly or have a purpose for on their boat.

To live in a small house, or tiny house, as has been a hot topic been lately and also mentioned in the documentary, I am not sure I could do that either. Granted, Carrie and I really only use three or four rooms in our house and not sure I could go down to one tiny house/room. Something we have half joked about before as we look those other rooms we do not frequent. The other rooms are simply areas that have to be cleaned and if we were in a smaller house, we would not have to worry about those areas.

All of this to say it is a good documentary and highly recommend watching. I hope Carrie and I can take the idea and use it in our home and our lifestyle. Possibly think twice before purchasing something either of us think we need. Think about items in our home that we can donate to others and do without.

Seems like a good way to finish out 2016 and look to 2017 to think about living with less or the goal of how we want that to look.

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