Sunday, February 19, 2023

Massages for Us at Stillpoint Massage & Bodywork Studio… Highly Recommended!

Every year around Valentine’s Day I think it would be nice to get massages for Carrie and I. Usually though I think of it the day or two prior to Valentine’s Day. Not this year! This year I thought of it a whole week ahead of time which meant that I was able to get an appointment scheduled for both of us… albeit the day after Valentine’s Day, but it was so nice!

Carrie and I have had massages infrequently typically when we are on vacations at remote islands. Carrie had mentioned a few weeks ago she could use a massage, so that got the idea in my head to do so for Valentine’s Day. I started checking around for options in Topeka and checked Google recommendations. I checked with a few others to see if they had a place they used, but no one had one, so I looked further at reviews. 

I narrowed down the list to two or three that I wanted to check. I happened to be out in the area of one place after I got my haircut the week before, so I thought I would stop by to see the place and talk to them. However, I could not find it for the life of me. It was over off of 29th Street in the same shopping center as Dillon’s. So, I drove back home after not finding the place and looked them up on-line again where I was able to see where they were located through street view. I sent them an email to check on getting an appointment.

A day later and I had a response to call them as they do not have regular reception, so only available certain times for calls. Of course calling the week before Valentine’s Day and they were booked as I was hoping to get an appointment the Saturday before Valentine’s Day. They told me they could put us on a waiting list and call us if spots open up for us. A few days later and I got a call that a spot opened on February 15 where we could both have an appointment at the same time. 

What a great experience! I had selected Stillpoint Massage & Bodywork Studio located at 2709 W. 29th, Ste 204, Topeka, KS 66614. I booked an hour long massage for us both. When I had called and told the receptionist we rarely have massages, she recommended 60 minute massage as 30 minutes and just getting started, so I did 60 minute for us both.

Following the massage, we left and talked about when we might do our next massage saying it would be nice to do so twice a year. Well, we already have our next massage scheduled for the first part of April. We liked it so much, we booked at Stillpoint Massage & Bodywork Studio again. The experience was so relaxing. The massage on neck, shoulders, and arms were wonderful. 

We had selected the Swedish Massage was the one we selected which is the most common style of massage. When I had my last massage ten or so years ago, maybe longer, I am not sure what type of massage I had at that time, but this was certainly well worth the $70 for the massage. So much so we booked our next appointment shortly after we left.

One of my memorable massages was back in 2003 when we went to Costa Rica with our friend Javier. He took us all over his home country and at Arenal Volcano, we had an amazing experience where we were had massages, then covered in volcanic mud, wrapped, and then had got in the hot springs to have the hot water take away the volcanic mud. Certainly a memorable experience and one I would like to do again. But having a massage here is an experience I plan to keep on my todo list at least a few times a year.

I will post again following our next massage to say how it went. We are happy with Stillpoint Massage & Bodywork Studio and look forward to using them for years to come. If you try out Stillpoint Massage & Bodywork Studio, I would be interested to hear your experience. Or, if you have another place that you used, please share your recommendations.

Until next time, enjoy the week!

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