Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day on this Snowy and Cold February 14 — Here is How Carrie and I Spent our Saturday and Plan to Spend Valentine’s Day Today #ValentinesDay

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Happy Valentine’s Day to my wife, Carrie, my whole family, and to you. I was trying to remember what we did a year ago for Valentine’s Day and I could not remember what we did or where we went. This year, with the snow falling and temperature being in single digits, not to mention that COVID and social distancing is still happening, Carrie and I will remain home. Carrie picked up crab legs for us to have today which we are both very excited to eat later today. 

Valentine’s Day 2021 in front of Fireplace Watching “The Dig”
Last night, we spent a cozy evening watching a movie in our living room. I brought home a projector from work so we could project on the wall, have a fire going, and hang out in a warmer room other than our breezy family room. It was a good way to start the Valentine’s Day celebration and I know Oliver loved our new location of hanging out too as we sat on the couch opposite the fireplace, and movie, he sat between us sleeping, dreaming, and enjoying the evening. For dinner, we had left over BBQ Carrie had picked up on her way home Friday after getting a haircut which made for a special evening of relaxation and being with my family.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Valentine’s Day! I will be enjoying chocolate that Carrie got us for celebration and I hope you have something to enjoy on this day too. 

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