Saturday, April 18, 2009

Summertime and Golf

Well, it is hard to believe that Spring is here, or at least it feels like it now, and golf is right around the corner.  I am once again playing in a mens league at Shawnee Country Club (SCC).  This will be my second year to play in the league and I am excited.  It starts on Wednesday, April 29.  We have our team and I will be playing with a good group of guys.
I intend to get out to play a lot of golf this Summer, but other things always seem to take away from doing so.  I went out and played nine holes on April 8 and it was painful!  I did not start off well, but after the third hole I could finally start hitting the ball.  I had a few good shots and those that will bring me back to the course, but I also had a nagging problem of my right wrist hurting.  After playing nine holes, I could barely use my right hand with my wrist hurting so bad.  This happened last Spring too where I played in a tournament and afterwards my wrist was killing me.  It went away through the Summer where it did not hurt as bad, but it would come back at odd times while playing golf.  As soon as I hit the first drive off of tee one on April 8, my wrist immediately started hurting.  I am not sure why.  I did a Google search on it and found that I might be holding the club wrong which could be causing the problem.  I have six lessons that I got for Christmas and I hope to be able to use those next week and learn what I am doing to cause my wrist to hurt.
It seems so odd to be starting the Spring and not have Javier in town.  He had to go back home to Costa Rica back in February.  It just does not seem right to be going into Spring without Javier here.  I know it is difficult for him to be back home and worrying about his house, cars, etc., here in Topeka, but Carrie and I are taking good care of his things and I talk to him a few times a week.  We talk mostly on Skype, but we also chat back and forth with Yahoo and MSN Messenger.  So, we stay in touch.  He just started looking for a job back home, so he is hopeful to find something where he can earn money and still be able to tend to bills he has here.
As we move into full swing with Spring, and soon Summer, I will try to do a better job of posting.  With golf on my mind, I will hopefully be posting about the progress of my golf game through the Summer months.  Oh, I am very excited to be playing in the Tee-Par-Tee in June with my brother, Tim.  We will be teamed up to play in the member-guest tourney at SCC, so that will be a lot of fun!

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